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Leland Yeager, by Warren Coats

Dear Leland,

You were already a legend when I arrived in Charlottesville in 1970 as an assistant professor in the economics department you were then chairing. I quickly learned to come to your office well prepared with the questions I wished to ask and issues I wished to discuss. I also quickly confirmed that your clear and insightful writing was reflective of your analysis in general, which you were always prepared to share. The big surprise was that you were also an excellent cook.

The economics profession and I are grateful beneficiaries of your scholarship.

I am privileged to have been your colleague and friend. As you turn 90 and pass another milestone, I wish you all the best in this next chapter.



Warren Coats has worked in many countries, including such hot spots as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, and South Sudan, as an official of the International Monetary Fund or a consultant on monetary and financial reform