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House Passes Audit the Fed Bill

Today the US House of Representatives passed HR 24, the Audit the Fed bill by a vote of 333-24 under the suspension calendar (requiring a ⅔ majority to pass).

House of the Clerk floor summary here:

1:12:15 P.M. H.R. 24 Considered as unfinished business. H.R. 24 — "To require a full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks by the Comptroller General of the United States, and for other purposes."
1:44:04 P.M. H.R. 24 On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (2/3 required): 333 – 92 (Roll no. 504).
1:44:04 P.M. H.R. 24 Motion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.

The roll call is here to see how your Representative voted:

All Republicans voted "Aye" except for Rep. Campbell (and four not voting) along with a majority of the Democrats (but well less than ⅔ of their number) with 106 in favor 91 opposed and two not voting.

It would be highly unlikely for the Senate to take up the bill this late in the calendar.