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Mises, Rothbard, and others in French

Nearly two years ago I mentioned the French economist Philippe Nataf and his small but active publishing house, Editions Charles Coquelin. Its namesake Charles Coquelin was a 19th-century French classical liberal who wrote on banking and business cycles, among other topics. The publishing house issues works by French and other thinkers in the classical liberal tradition to the present. I recently saw Philippe again, and he informed me that Editions Charles Coquelin has now published translations of Ludwig von Mises's Theory of Money and Credit and part of Murray Rothbard's Man, Economy and State, with more to come. Among the older works of the publishing house is a 2005 biography of Jean-Baptiste Say. Readers interested in ordering these works can do so through the site of Editions Charles Coquelin or, for at least some books, Amazon France.

While I am on the subject of books translated into French, it is worth mentioning that George Selgin's Theory of Free Banking was translated and published by Les Belles Lettres in 1991. It is now out of print, but used copies are available, though at high prices. Perhaps the publisher can at least bring it back as an e-book? Those who cannot read French but are interested in the French classical liberals should be aware of the 2012 book French Liberalism in the 19th Century: An Anthology, edited by Robert Leroux and David M. Hart. Here is Hart's Web page on the book.  As usual, if you want the book, do not order it directly from the publisher; you will find lower though still quite elevated prices here and here.