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Selgin on RT

Since George is going to be modest, I'll take the liberty of pointing out that George Selgin was interviewed on RT television's "Boom and Bust" show.

The link is here:

The segment with George comes on about halfway through.  As the show describes it, "monetary and banking economist George Selgin discusses price and debt deflation."

  • MichaelM

    A little embarrassing to have to go to RT for media coverage.

    • George Selgin

      Well, they came to me, so things aren't all that bad!

      • MichaelM

        Ah, apologies, I just don't have an incredibly high opinion of RT as an organization. Here's hoping they give you Krugman's slot at the NYTs someday.

    • To add to George's defense, he is also modestly omitting former appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, etc.

      Or am I undermining his reputation further? 😉