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The Federal Reserve System at 100

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act. In this talk I discuss how the Fed has done over the past century.

  • Lyceum

    How long do you think we have to wait until we have free banking with a gold standard again? Have you written a white-paper on your solution? I linked to this video in my post, Fed Up with the Fed after 100 Years.

  • Jim

    Larry, thanks for your work and outreach, it was you (and George) free banking logic that helped me a lot. 2-3 years ago i didn't know what the Fed was. Now I preach to smash it. it takes awhile to wrap your mind around this thing.

    Feel free to be blunt on camera, your audience is always the web, not just the classroom or congress, my free minded rewind button:

    Start off with the ultimate question of what is money?
    People (I) have a hard time picturing a free (black) market being born in our statist world, but your research (Canada and Scotland) helped me a lot.
    Keep talking up central banks essentially being agents of warfare
    It helped me to hear inflation as the value of savings going down instead of cost of goods going up (we civilians blame evil capitalist, not altruistic govt)
    Talk up the fact that Wall Street is a statist creation (via Yankee war of aggression)
    The Fed's people propaganda is jobs, explain an economy's health based on production, not employment.
    The progressive worldview being based on people acting irrationally, Greenspan's gold paper, Jekyll Island, etc

    Thx, Jim