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Other free banking blogs: results

Here a list of other blogs that sometimes discuss free banking usefully, in my experience or in that of readers whose comments I requested in my previous post.


[email protected]http://www.cato.org/blog (Cato Institute, wide variety of topics, free banking pops up once in a while)

The Circle Bastiat, http://bastiat.mises.org (Mises Institute, multiple contributors)

Coordination Problem, http://www.coordinationproblem.org/ (multiple contributors of the Austrian School)

Free Market Money, http://www.monetary-freedom.net/blog (perhaps Thomas Greco, Jr.–no author seems to be explicitly listed)

The Market Monetarist, http://marketmonetarist.com/ (Lars Christensen)

Meng Hu’s Blog http://menghusblog.wordpress.com/tag/free-banking/

Moneyness, http://jpkoning.blogspot.com/ (John Paul Koning)

Monetary Freedom, http://monetaryfreedom-billwoolsey.blogspot.com/ (Bill Woolsey)

The Monetary Future, http://themonetaryfuture.blogspot.com/ (Jon Matonis)

Free Radical, http://realfreeradical.com/ (Mike Freimuth)

Uneasy Money, http://uneasymoney.com/ (David Glasner)

Gold and Silver and Money and Creidt, http://keithweiner.posterous.com/ (Keith Weiner, gold-focued)

Other languages: German

Remember that for the foreign-language blogs listed below, you can use Google Translate or similar services to get a rough idea of the contents.

These are the suggestions of a German commenter, which I have not examined in any depth:

Forum Ordnungspolitik, http://www.forum-ordnungspolitik.de

Ludwig von Mises Institute Deutschland, http://www.misesde.org

Friedrich August von Hayek Gesellschaft http://www.hayek.de/

Freiheitswerk, http://freiheitswerk.org/about/

Freitum http://www.freitum.de/,

Liberales Institut, http://www.libinst.ch/ (material in multiple languages, including English)


Punto de Vista Económico, http://puntodevistaeconomico.wordpress.com/ (multiple contributors who are Argentine members of the Austrian School)


Some other pages you may find interesting:

Economics of Bitcoin blog, http://www.economicsofbitcoin.com/ (Peter Šurda and Iain Stewart)

Electronic money page by Roy Davies, http://projects.exeter.ac.uk/RDavies/arian/emoney.html)

Free Banking FAQ by Daniel Ust, http://mars.superlink.net/~neptune/BankFAQ.html

Free Banking Bibliography by John Zube, http://www.panarchy.org/zube/freebanking.index.html