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Other free banking blogs: results

Here a list of other blogs that sometimes discuss free banking usefully, in my experience or in that of readers whose comments I requested in my previous post.


[email protected] (Cato Institute, wide variety of topics, free banking pops up once in a while)

The Circle Bastiat, (Mises Institute, multiple contributors)

Coordination Problem, (multiple contributors of the Austrian School)

Free Market Money, (perhaps Thomas Greco, Jr.–no author seems to be explicitly listed)

The Market Monetarist, (Lars Christensen)

Meng Hu’s Blog

Moneyness, (John Paul Koning)

Monetary Freedom, (Bill Woolsey)

The Monetary Future, (Jon Matonis)

Free Radical, (Mike Freimuth)

Uneasy Money, (David Glasner)

Gold and Silver and Money and Creidt, (Keith Weiner, gold-focued)

Other languages: German

Remember that for the foreign-language blogs listed below, you can use Google Translate or similar services to get a rough idea of the contents.

These are the suggestions of a German commenter, which I have not examined in any depth:

Forum Ordnungspolitik,

Ludwig von Mises Institute Deutschland,

Friedrich August von Hayek Gesellschaft



Liberales Institut, (material in multiple languages, including English)


Punto de Vista Económico, (multiple contributors who are Argentine members of the Austrian School)


Some other pages you may find interesting:

Economics of Bitcoin blog, (Peter Šurda and Iain Stewart)

Electronic money page by Roy Davies,

Free Banking FAQ by Daniel Ust,

Free Banking Bibliography by John Zube,