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Roads to Sound Money

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation has released a new book, Roads to Sound Money. It has essays by some of the other contributors to this blog. You can find the book description and other information on the Atlas Foundation Sound Money Project Web site. (And thank you Alex Chafuen for the mention of my recent book The Bretton Woods Transcripts on the site.)

At the book launch I was griping to an acquaintance, José Joaquín Fernández, about another subject, education. A newspaper article offering President Obama advice on his second term claimed that "we need the federal government to support public education, rather than encouraging schools to privatize or become charters." And what was the educational background of the writer? Private elementary school, private high school, Yale University, Harvard Law School, currently a professor at Princeton. That is quite similar to the educational background of President Obama  himself, and of President George W. Bush (except that Bush will never be a professor of law). In addition, up through high school Bush's daughters attended private schools, and Obama is doing likewise with his daughters. Commenting on the difference between what our "education presidents" and their supporters say and what they actually do, José said, "Education is too important to be left to the public sector." Precisely, and true of other activities as well.