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Free Banking in Brazil

I'm currently in Brazil at a summer seminar for young Brazilians interested in libertarian ideas sponsored by the Atlas Foundation and in the beautiful mountain town of Petropolis outside of Rio.  On Thursday, I participated in a debate at the equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo celebrating the Mises-Brazil Portuguese translation of Ron Paul's End the Fed.  Around 70 people stuck around for almost 3 hours to listen to me give a 45 minute talk on why we don't need a central bank, followed by commentary and discussion from other participants.  The event was well-covered by the Brazilian press, including a nice story in the top economics paper in the country that included a picture pairing that I just loved (that's a Facebook link as I can't find it online).

There was also some TV coverage.  My bit is, in fact, in English.

It's amazing to think that a debate like this could draw this much attention in a part of the world not known for skepticism about central banking. That, I think, is a good sign.