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Advertisements for Myself

For a couple of my books, actually, which have recently become available in new editions.

Good old Liberty Fund has made a Kindle version of The Theory of Free Banking, which you can download for free from its Online Library of Liberty.

And my pals at the Independent Institute have just released the paperback version of Good Money, which they sell for just $22.10. That might not seem terribly cheap for a paperback, but bear in mind that this one reproduces the hardback's generous color-plate insert. Besides, it's a damn good book.

Personally I think the relative prices are about right. Not that I don't like The Theory of Free Banking.: it's just that I've come to think that an ounce of convincing history is worth at least a pound of theory. And what writer doesn't imagine that he's learned a thing or two about writing in the space of two decades?

But you needn't take my word for it. Just get them both, and decide for yourself!